International education

from preschool to middle school

In 2008, Wi School was the first International Montessori elementary school in Paris with a truly bilingual curriculum.

Today Wi School provides a comprehensive educational solution to families seeking international, innovative education for their children from 3 to 13 years old in Paris and suburbs with 5 different locations

* Paris  : preschool, elementary and middle school... schools

* Saint-Germain-En-Laye (Yvelines, 78) : preschool and elementary school

* Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt (Yvelines, 78) : preschool

Wi School is also proud to announce 2 new schools in the network

* Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine, 92) : preschool and elementary school

* Boulogne (Hauts-de-Seine, 92) : preschool

A caring environment

Accepted neuroscientific research demonstrates that positive environments have a positive effect on the development of the brain.


A positive, caring environment is maintained with clear rules, which ensure the physical and emotional security of the children.

French & English environment

Children are fully immersed in both French and English language and culture through equal contact (50/50) with fluent French and English-speaking staff. Immersion from a young age enables children to acquire language without conscious effort.

Following a child's own pace

Our teachers observe each child individually enabling them to determine precisely what each child processes and understand. Adults support, encourage and praise children in their efforts and their progress, helping them to take responsibility and to develop their independence and their self-confidence.

Innovative learning material

Each material has been designed to develop a particular skill. The aesthetics of the material ensure that they will appeal to your child. The learning materials are "self-correcting" and enables your child to experiment and learn in a fully independent way. With the aid of these innovative materials, children progress naturally from learning concrete to abstract concepts, step by step.

Artistic expression

Art enables your child to develop their imagination, personal expression and relationship with the world. We provide children with artistic activities that include music discovery, multimedium art, reading and literacy activities...

Learning to live in harmony

We meet children’s social development needs through exploring philosophical concepts during group discussions. Children are encouraged to think, learn to express themselves, to be grateful, handle problems in a non-violent way, make suggestions and come to decisions within a group. 


Wi School provides an opportunity to discover, observe, listen, touch and feel nature (via gardening, observing insects...). This natural environment provides the children with unique learning opportunities and enables them to develop empathy, cognitive capacities, attention and concentration, imagination and open-minded behaviour.

Scientific exploration

Wi School provides your child with an environment in which they can discover new concepts (scales of measurement, fluids, gravity etc.) new materials and objects. The aim is to enable your child to ask questions, observe, analyse and develop their capacity for critical and creative thinking.